Who Says In Number The Stars My Dogs Smell Meat

The dogs sniff the bottom of the basket hungrily, and the soldier tells Annemarie that his dogs can smell meat inside. The soldier reaches in and lifts up the napkin to Annemarie’s horror. The more frightened Annemarie grows, paradoxically, the more bravely and brashly she is able to behave in front of the soldiers.

What happened in Chapter 15 in number the stars?

Annemarie tries to play dumb and go along with her mother’s advice. She decides she will take her little sister Kirsti as a model. (This would be a good place for a joke about little sisters being dumb, but we’ll resist.) Kirsti is protected by her own innocence, and Annemarie has to create that innocence for herself.

What did the dogs smell in the package that Annemarie brought?

Chapter XV: My Dogs Smell Meat! Annemarie’s mind rushes to what her mother told her. She must pretend to be nothing more than a silly, innocent child. She remembers how Kirsti acted when the soldier stopped them on the way home from school.

What is Chapter 14 called in Number the Stars?

Number the Stars Chapter 14: On the Dark Path Summary & Analysis | LitCharts.

What happens in Chapter 11 in number the stars?

In this chapter, Annemarie discovers that the coffin is full of clothing and jackets for the people in the room. Peter, a 20-year-old member of the resistance, hands these items out, along with medicine to put a small child to sleep while they travel. Peter also gives a mysterious package to Mr.

What was in the packet in Number the Stars?

In Number the Stars Peter gives Mrs. Rosen a packet. Inside the packet was a handkerchief. The handkerchief would attract the dogs then make them lose their sense of smell, so they would not smell the Jews hiding in the boats.

What is the name of Chapter 17 in Number the Stars?

Tanner, Alexandra. “Number the Stars Chapter 17: All This Long Time.” LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 14 Mar 2019.

Where did Annemarie hide Ellen’s necklace?

As Annemarie and her family stand on their apartment’s balcony, celebrating the news that the war is over, Annemarie slips away to her bedroom to retrieve the necklace from where she’s hidden it—in the folds of her dead older sister Lise’s wedding dress, deep inside a large blue trunk which houses all of Lise’s things.

Who owned a button store in Number the Stars?

One morning, while getting the girls ready for school, Mama notices that a button on one of Kirsti’s sweater has broken. She tells Annemarie to stop by the button shop around the corner after school—the shop is run by a woman named Mrs. Hirsch.

Why were the contents of the packet so important Number the Stars?

She was afraid to go through the woods and face the soldiers, but she did to save her friends. Why was the handkerchief so important? The handkerchief had a powder on it that would attract the dogs but then make their sense of smell non existent. That prevented the dogs from finding people on the boats.

What does the German soldier tell Annemarie that the dogs smell in the basket?

The dogs sniff the bottom of the basket hungrily, and the soldier tells Annemarie that his dogs can smell meat inside. The soldier reaches in and lifts up the napkin to Annemarie’s horror.

Why does Peter give the baby a few drops of a mysterious liquid in Chapter 11?

Why does Peter give the baby a few drops of mysterious liquid in Chapter 11? So the baby would not cry when they traveled. Where does Annemarie hide the important packet she is to deliver to her uncle?.

What happens in Number the Stars Chapter 13?

Annemarie runs to her mother. Mama tells her she’s okay and warns her to keep her voice down. Hurrying back along the path in the dark after safely delivering the Rosens to Henrik, Inge had stumbled on a root and broken her ankle in her haste to get back to her daughters.

What is Chapter 12 about in Number the Stars?

Annemarie accidentally dozes off, and when she wakes up she gets worried—it’s past the time her mother should be back, but Mama didn’t come to get her. She searches the farmhouse, and when she doesn’t find her mother, she starts to get panicky (duh).

Who is in the coffin in number the stars?

Chapter X: Let Us Open the Casket. Uncle Henrik is about to depart for his boat, leaving the people gathered with the coffin. Present are an old man, a couple with a young baby, the Rosens, Peter Neilsen, Annemarie, and Mrs. Johansen.

What did Peter ask Mr Rosen to do Number the Stars?

What does Peter ask Mr. Rosen to do? Peter asks Mr. Rosen to deliver a package to Henrick.

What color is Annemarie’s hair in Number the Stars?

Annemarie Johansen is the main character of Number the Stars. She is tall and lanky. Annemarie also has blonde hair with blue eyes.

What is the main problem in number of the stars?

The primary conflict in Number the Stars is between the Nazis and the Jews. A secondary conflict involves the Danes who are trying to help protect the Jews from the Nazis.

Is Number the Stars a true story?

Though events of Number the Stars are based in actual historical fact, the specific story is Lowry’s own mixture of fiction, oral histories, and research. The novel takes place in Denmark in 1943, three years after the Germans invaded Denmark. King Christian X was the Danish king from 1912 to 1947.