Where Can I Buy Live Pinky Mice Near Me

Can you get live pinky mice?

Live Pinky Mice – “Organically grown on site at our farm!” Mice are available in a wide variety of sizes from pinky to jumbo adult and are a main staple feeder for carnivorous reptiles such as snakes and monitors. Mice are available both frozen and live.

How do you buy a live pinky mouse?

Your best chance at buying live mice is from a local pet store. Franchise pet stores may carry live mice for snakes, but they’re less likely to have an adequate supply than a private store. Some snake owners complain that the corporate pet stores rarely keep the size of rodents they need in stock.

How much does a pinky mouse cost?

$2.09 ITEM NAME # / PACK PRICE DAY-OLD PINKY 25 $0.50 PINKY 25 $0.50 PEACH FUZZY 25 $0.60 NORMAL FUZZY 25 $0.60.

Does PetSmart sell live pinkies?

Can you buy live mice at PetSmart? No. Petsmart is not allowed to sell animals as live feeders with exception to the feeder goldfish, rosy red minnows, crickets, and other live bugs. Petsmart only sells frozen mice/rats/pinkies for food.

Does Petco sell live feeder mice?

Immediately informing my supervisor, I was told not to worry about it because the animal was “just a feeder mouse.” PETCO, you see, stocks live mice and rats to be sold as food for “pet” snakes.

How long will a pinky mouse live?

Re: How Long Can a Pinky Survive Pinks can survive up to about 3 days.

How much is a live feeder mouse?

Mice Types 1 -150 151-499 Mice Hopper $0.65 $0.50 Mice Wealing $0.75 $0.60 Mice Adult $0.85 $0.70 Mice Jumbo $0.95 $0.80.

Does PetSmart sell live mice for snakes?

The snakes sold at PetSmart are carnivores, which means they eat meat — specifically, mice or rats. PetSmart recommends “Arctic Mice,” which are frozen.

Can you order pet mice online?

There are many places to buy pet mice online. Savvy Pets offers fancy mice that are shipped to you. The Fancy Mouse Breeders’ Association contains a directory of mouse breeders across the United States. Visit a breeder’s page to find out their shipping radius.

Does PetSmart sell pinkies?

Arctic Mice Frozen Pinkie Mice | reptile Food | PetSmart.

Are Frozen pinkie mice alive?

“Pinkie mouse” generically describes a wide range of live or frozen mice that are fed to reptiles and amphibians.

Does PetSmart ship frozen mice?

The Petsmart here only sells frozen mice.

How much do pinky mice weigh?

Small Pinky Mice are generally 1-2 days old and range in weight from 2.00-2.49 grams. They are called pinkies because they appear pink in color, as they have not formed a coat of fur yet.

What is a pinkie mouse?

“Pinkie mouse” generically describes a wide range of live or frozen mice that are fed to reptiles and amphibians. It’s also a specific term describing a particular size and age of feeder mouse. As reptiles and amphibians grow, they typically progress from eating pinkie mice to larger types of mice or even rats.

Does PetSmart sell feeders?

PetSmart carries a range of chicken feeders and toys made just for them! For pet parents with indoor birds, there are even more options! PetSmart’s long list of indoor bird supplies is filled with great things like bird cages, toys, perches, food, nesting, and so much more.

Can you sell mice to Petco?

We do not give them away as feeders, the only animals sold as feeders are crickets, mice, rats, and common goldfish, and they are at full price. We do not release them into a field, or euthanize them for being “unsellable”.

Does PetSmart have live feeder mice?

PetSmart only sells frozen feeder mice. We do not sell live feeders other than comet goldfish, rosy red minnows, and various insects/larvae.

How long do Petco mice live for?

How long do pet mice live? Up to 3 years with proper care and nutrition.

What can I feed a pinky mouse?

Moisten commercial hamster food, cooked rice or kitten food with a little water, goat milk or kitten formula until it is soft. Baby mice also enjoy peeled cooked peas, cooked carrots, squash or other soft vegetables. Human baby food is suitable for mice and will be easy on your mouse’s stomach.

How long can a pinky rat live without food?

It’s very likely that most would survive for a week but no more than two weeks, without having anything to eat. Rats are like squirrels and like to store their food. So even if you cut their food source they would still have some reserve to last them for a while.

How long can pinky mice go without food?

They can only go 2-4 days without food of some sort. Keep in mind that this does not mean they need to sit down to a full fest. Mice like to nibble. They will likely eat a morsel or two and then maybe take a few for the road and be just fine.

How do I get my snake to eat frozen mice?

Make sure the frozen mouse (or another pre-killed prey item) is warmed up until it is at least room temperature. Thaw frozen prey in a bag in the refrigerator or by floating it in cold water and then placing it in warm water just before feeding it to your snake to warm it up.

Can you feed snakes live rats?

If you are squeamish about feeding rodents to your snake, even though they are now commercially available already dead and frozen, and all you have to do is thaw and offer them to the snake, a snake is probably not the pet for you! “Live prey should not be fed to snakes.”.